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Introducing PLS docFinder, an all new proprietary database and web application that eliminates the tedium
of wading through endless company presentations hunting for the document or single slide you need.

PLS has designed docFinder from the ground up to cut down on the countless hours of browsing through
unrelated results from traditional search engines and countless IR pages. The PLS system pulls up the
individual key slides you need immediately so you don't have to shift through entire presentations to find
them-saving significant reading, editing and filter time.

After more than twenty years of creating new products and services for the oil and gas industry, PLS is
excited to introduce this new product-a database that places hundreds of thousands of fully searchable
slides and source documents at your fingertips.

Unique filtering by classification
PLS has indexed thousands of PowerPoint® presentations and public documents so you and your team
no longer have to waste time on dozens of corporate websites shifting through hundreds of presentations.
PLS' unique indexing process is tailored to a variety of fields including:

  • Acquisitions & Divestitures
  • Operations & Portfolio Management
  • Prospects & Geology
  • Land & Legal
  • Capital Markets
  • Midstream & Infrastructure
  • Hedging

Search & you shall find
Busy executives, planners, strategists and opportunity seekers can now search a single database of the industry's presentations, find, analyze, save and collaborate on important oil and gas information previously hidden in the digital haystack.

Quick & Easy
Our classification categories have been designed to provide clients with maximum control over their document searches with minimum hassle. The system combines "control" with PLS' unique image and free-text search capability creating a unique and powerful industry database.

Slides in seconds
The PLS indexing system not only processes text-based information, but also visual characteristics and images,
such as charts, tables, maps, well bore schematics, isopachs and/or other complex pictures and data points
not indexed by traditional search engines.

Looking for a bar chart comparing a peer or competitor's finding and development costs? Type, click and view. Looking for metrics and comparables on regional M&A transactions? Type, click and view. Looking for every slide in the Haynesville with a log image? Type, click and view. Looking for slides with maps by operators or areas? Type, click and view. Finally, looking for a type curve in the Eagle Ford? It's there and docFinder will take you to the right slide in seconds.

  • Peer & Data Comparisons
  • Tables
  • Seismic Imaging
  • Technical Maps
  • Well Logs
  • Decline & Type Curves
  • Valuations & Metrics
  • And dozens more

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